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SrNoJobs TitleStatusExpiry DateList of ApplicantsAdvertisement
1KFUEIT GIZ SCAR Project Based Advertisement Nov 2023Expired2023-11-20 Download
2Visiting Faculy Required for Semester Fall 2023Expired2023-08-30 Download
3Advertisement (BS-1-16) Juiy-23Expired2023-08-11 Download Download
4Faculty Advertisement (July 2023)Expired2023-07-31 Download Download
5Faculty advertisement (June 2023)Expired2023-07-15 Download Download
6Advertisement (BS-1-16) May-23Expired2023-07-03 Download Download
7Admin (17 & Above) May 2023Expired2023-06-15 Download Download
8Faculty advertisement (May 2023)Expired2023-06-15 Download Download
9Advertisement for Director(s) sep 2022Expired2022-10-20 Download Download
10Faculty advertisement (September 2022)Expired2022-10-20 Download Download
11NRPU Advertisement (Combined) Phase-IExpired2022-08-28 Download
12Online Job Visiting Job Advertisement August 2022Expired2022-08-25 Download
13Admin advertisement june 2022Expired2022-07-17 Download Download
14Admin Advertisement May 2022Expired2022-05-28 Download Download
15Faculty advertisement April 2022Expired2022-05-09 Download Download
16Admin Advertisement April 2022Expired2022-05-09 Download Download
17Staff Required for KFUSExpired2022-04-20 Download
18Job bps 01 March 2022Expired2022-04-03 Download Download
19Walk in InterviewExpired2022-03-22 Download
20Visiting Jobs Fev 2022Expired2022-02-16 Download
21Teaching / Non Teaching Jobs January 2022Expired2022-02-08 Download Download
22Registrar, COE and Treasurer advertisement December 2021Expired2022-01-08 Download Download
23Faculty Jobs December 2021Expired2021-12-16 Download Download
24Non Teaching Jobs (17 & above) December 2021Expired2021-12-16 Download Download
25Non Teaching Jobs September 2021Expired2021-09-24 Download Download
26Faculty advertisement August 2021Expired2021-09-11 Download Download
27Visiting Job Advertisement August 2021Expired2021-09-08 Download
28Research Scholars AdvertisementExpired2021-08-12 Download
29July Non Teaching Add 2021Expired2021-08-09 Download Download
30Job Advertisement June 2021Expired2021-07-19 Download
31Situations Vacant on Teaching / Non-Teaching PositionExpired2021-03-19 Download Download
32Walk in Interview for Semester Based Teaching Teaching Assistant / ScholarsExpired2021-03-05 Download
33Walk in Interview for Semester Based Teaching Teaching Assistant / ScholarsExpired2021-03-03 Download