Department of Agricultural Engineering


Pakistan's agricultural sector plays a vital role in the country's economy, contributing 21% to the GDP, employing 45% of the workforce, and providing livelihoods for over 67% of the population. The success of Agriculture depends on a variety of factors, including access to irrigation water, modern and affordable farm equipment and structures, and a safe environment. In addition, there is a need for alternative energy sources and post-harvest food preservation technologies to ensure food security and reduce production losses.

To address these challenges, the Department of Agricultural Engineering at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology in Rahim Yar Khan has been established. The department is equipped with a large infrastructure, a talented and foreign qualified faculty, and advanced engineering software facilities. It aims to serve as a hub for academic, professional, and industry mechanization development and to foster dialogue and partnerships with the public and private sectors through outreach programs, internships, and MoUs. The department seeks to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the growth and sustainability of Pakistan's agricultural sector. By investing in agricultural engineering education and research, Pakistan can enhance its agricultural productivity, boost its economy, and improve the lives of its citizens.

Department of Agricultural Engineering Vision:

To be a globally recognized center of excellence in Agricultural Engineering that contributes to the development of regional economy through the indigenous technology and uplift of local community.

Department of Agricultural Engineering Mission:

Agricultural Engineering Department aims to educate, inspire and equip graduates with the knowledge and skills required to create positive impact in industry and academia through innovative research, technology development, and outreach programs.


The core objectives of the department are:

  • Strengthen the research and training facilities at KFUEIT in the field of water resources management, Farm Machinery and Power and farm irrigation through multidisciplinary approaches by engaging the faculty for the farmer’s solutions
  • Advanced Solutions of On Farm Water Management Practices based on the diagnostic and field-oriented research studies of the problems faced by the farming community
  • Development and fabrication of precision agriculture technologies for improved irrigated agriculture through research verification and demonstration on farmer, fields for increasing land and water productivities
  • Implementation of modern farming practices in field through trials.
  • Development of Pre- and Post-harvest technologies for farmers to improve living standards in community and per acre crop production.
  • Organize the seminars/symposia, training workshops pertinent to research in the field of farm machinery, post-harvest technologies, land, air and water resources management
  • Arrangements of Farmer’s Day, carrying out technology transfer/outreach programs for the demonstration and dissemination of the research advancement

Sr. No




Agriculture Research Farm

Water Management and Agricultural Mechanization Research Center (WAMRC)


Undergraduate Agricultural Engineering Labs


  I.C Engine Lab

Engineering Thermodynamics Lab

Farm Machinery and Field Lab

Environmental Engineering Lab

Surveying and Levelling Lab

Engineering Drawing Hall

Engineerning Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Soil Mechnics Lab

Hydrology and Irrigation Lab

Remote Sensing and GIS Lab


Undergraduate Agriculture Labs

Agronomy Lab

Entomology Lab

Horticulture Lab


Research Centers Established

  • Centre for Water, Land and Ecosystem (CWLE)
  • Center for Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCCES)



Seats for Diploma Holders:

For admission against seats reserved for DAE holders, the candidate must have passed diploma examination of a Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) in relevant technology mentioned below.

  • Diploma in Civil Technology

  • Diploma in Mechanical Technology

  • Diploma in Auto & Farm Technology

Admission Criteria:

  • 70% weightage H.S.S.C or equivalent including Hafiz e Quran
  • 30% weightage of entry test marks


  • Candidate should have obtained 60% marks in FSc Pre-Engineering (Physics, Chemistry & Math)/DAE for all engineering programs excluding sports and Hafiz e Quran Marks.
  • Should have appeared in Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT Conducted by UET Lahore)/KFUEIT entry test for that academic session (when conducted) in which he seeks admission.