Happenings At KFUEIT

National Project Competition (NPC) Karachi Success Story

National Project Competition (NPC) Karachi 2020 was a mega event held at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology (DUET). NPC was scheduled on 22nd and 23rd February hosted by DUET. There are two categories in the competition: Poster and Project  Competitions. 35 Universities participated in this national event. Three teams from the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Departments of KFUEIT had participated in the project competition category. 1 group from the Mechanical Engineering Department got 3rd Position in main prize category with the prize money of 50000 Rs. Thanks to Engr. Arslan Hassan, Engr. Saad Farooq and Engr. Maira Alvi for leading the KFUEIT teams in NPC Karachi. Congratulations to the Project Supervisor and Co-Supervisor of the winning group, Dr. Umer Farooq and Engr. Faizan Shah from the Mechanical Engineering Department. Congratulations to all Faculties of KFUEIT especially Faculty of Engineering. Special thanks to HOD's of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Departments. Congratulations to Respected Vice Chancellor and thanks for his support to represent KFUEIT at this national platform.