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MoU between KFUEIT and Government College Women University Faisalabad (GCWUF)

A ceremony to sign MoU between KFUEIT and GCWUF was held in GCWUF campus on the 28th of September 2020. Vice Chancellor KFUEIT Prof. Dr. Suleman Tahir and vice chancellor GCWUF Prof. Dr. Rubina Farooq signed the MoU. The MoU was signed to enhance cooperation in teaching, research, development and implementation of IT systems, to organize teachers’ training, joint seminars, research training workshops and symposiums. Both institutions will share their research resources for joint research projects. The objectives of the memorandum of understanding are given below:

1.     Exchange and training of scientific and technical personnel for teaching, research and development in all fields of Science and Technology.

2.     Support in developing and implementing IT systems as mutually agreed upon.

3.     Co-operated scientific research and technological development programs and projects of national interest as well as projects of indigenous production of advance scientific equipment.

4.     Possibilities for researchers (faculty and students) from KFUEIT to work at departments of GCWUF as full time hosted researcher.

5.     Supervision of research students in selected areas of mutual interest.

6.     Holding joint conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops and invited lectures at a national and international level possible through a joint calendar of scientific activities.

Arrangements for provision of easy access to researchers for entrance in the premises of KFUEIT and GCWUF for collaborative research activities/visits and use of each other’s research and teaching facilities after necessary security clearance.