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KFGAT (Entry Test Schedule)

Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan
KFGAT Student List (Admission Entry Test)
Test Date: September 17, 2021 (Friday)

Note: 1. Candidate must bring the paid voucher and original CNICon the test date, otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to sit in the test.
           2. Mobile Phone, Calculators or any Gadget is not allowed in the Test Center Premises as per KFUEIT Entry Test rules.
               The candidate may be searched for mobile phone / electronic device and if found it will be confiscated and paper
               will be cancelled.
This KFGAT schedule is only for the following programs:
         (M.Phil English Linguistics, M.Phil Islamic Studies, MS Agricultural Engineering, MS Agricultural Entomology, MS Chemical Engineering,MS Chemistry,

         MS Computer Engineering, MS Computer Science, MS Electrical Engineering, MS Engineering Management, MS Environmental Science, MS Food Technology,

         MS Information Security, MS Management Sciences, MS Mathematics, MS Physics, MS Mechanical Engineering)

           4. Candidates who have already paid the Entry Test Challan for above mentioned programs and their names are not listed below can also come for test.

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Sr. #Student NameFather NameCNICReporting TimeVenue (Computer Labs)
1Asma SajidKaleem Sajid*****-****690-48:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
2Sundas AliShoukat Ali*****-****358-08:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
3Tohide AnwarMuhammad Anwar Ul Haq*****-****612-28:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
4Amir HussainShabbir Ahmad*****-****532-38:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
5Mughees AnwarMuhammad Anwar*****-****140-78:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
6Hadia RehmanAbdul Rehman*****-****662-68:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
7Sajjad AhmedJamal Choudhary*****-****614-98:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
8Sana UroojZulfiqar Ali*****-****997-08:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
9Sana AsgharMuhammad Asghar Asim*****-****569-48:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
10Uzma ShabbirShabbir Hussain*****-****105-28:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
11Freeha ZulfiqarZulfiqar Alli*****-****663-68:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
12Alia ShamasShamas Ul Haq*****-****563-48:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
13Kainat MehboobMehboob Ahmad*****-****868-28:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
14Lubaina IrshadMuhammad Irshad*****-****703-08:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
15Qurat Ulain NylaIjaz Ahmed*****-****490-08:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
16Gull NessreenMuhammad Idrees*****-****190-28:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
17Fareeda SultanSultan Ahmad Javaid*****-****419-28:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
18Hira HameedAbdul Hameed*****-****554-28:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
19Muhammad IrfanMuhammad Ramzan*****-****569-58:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
20Ambreen SabirSabir Ali*****-****745-88:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
21Saddiqua MaryumKhalid Mehmood*****-****642-08:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
22Aysha Raiz RaizRaiz Ahmad*****-****196-48:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
23Saima NoreenWaris*****-****968-08:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
24Raqib Ali ShahSyed Bisharat Hussain Shah*****-****252-98:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
25Ali TariqMian Tariq Mahmood*****-****402-38:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
26Muhammad AbdurrabbMuhammad Arshad Khan*****-****664-58:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
27Muhammad Shoaib ShafiqueMuhammad Shafique*****-****616-18:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
28Ayesha SaeedMuhammad Saeed*****-****091-68:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
29Alina ShahzadQazi Muhammad Maleih Shahzad*****-****460-88:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
30Tania SarwarGhulam Sarwar*****-****882-68:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
31Shantul FatimaIqbal Hussain*****-****934-48:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
32Farkhanda MazharMazhar Hussain*****-****343-68:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
33Muhammad WaseemMuhammad Boota*****-****922-58:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
34Shagufta ZafarZafar Iqbal*****-****325-68:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
35Nida EhsanEhsan Ul Haq Sheikh*****-****522-68:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
36Kalsoom MushtaqMushtaq Ahmad*****-****763-48:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
37Shafaq AshrafMuhammad Ashraf*****-****968-08:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
38Aneela FareedGhulam Fareed*****-****229-28:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
39Maham ShafiqMuhammad Shafiq*****-****214-78:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
40Muhammad AmirAli Hassan*****-****928-38:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
41Anas BilalAbdul Razaq*****-****448-58:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
42Muhammad ZeshanMuhammad Anwar*****-****140-98:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
43Fakhira SaleemHaji Muhammad Saleem*****-****734-88:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
44Snober GullDildar Ahmed*****-****726-28:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
45Munawar Lal JoshiKhia Ram*****-****035-58:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
46Marriam MehmoodMarriam Mehmood*****-****012-88:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
47Musharaf HussainMuhammad Sadique*****-****160-78:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
48Muhammad Rafi Ur RahmanFida Ur Rahman*****-****422-98:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
49Hira NaveedHira Naveed*****-****831-48:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
50Hafiz Nadeem AhmadAzeem Bukhash*****-****471-78:30-AMICT Lab 1.05R (ICT Building)
51Muhammad Haseeb RazaAbdul Noor*****-****461-98:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
52Sania TayyabMuhammad Tayyab*****-****584-48:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
53Hassaan JalilJalil Ur Rehman*****-****394-98:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
54Hira KhalidRasheed Khalid*****-****978-68:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
55Haris MuhammadCh. Muhammad Ali*****-****773-38:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
56Jawad AhmedJawed Ahmed*****-****147-78:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
57Hafiz Muhammad Basir IjazIjaz Ahmad Tahir*****-****839-98:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
58Zahra ZahidHaji Zahid Hussain*****-****154-88:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
59Muhammad Naqeeb BhattiRasool Bux*****-****477-38:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
60Zahid FareedGhulam Fareed*****-****894-38:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
61Muhammad Umair KhanMuhammad Shujaat Ali*****-****214-98:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
62Junaid GhafoorAbdul Ghafoor*****-****957-58:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
63Muhammad UmairGhulam Muhammad*****-****173-58:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
64Ali HassanAli Hassan*****-****341-18:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
65Muhammad Muzammil AbbasNazeer Muhammad*****-****750-58:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
66Erum AbbasMureed Abbas Khan*****-****713-68:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
67Hassan AbbasMuhammad Sadiq Zia*****-****392-58:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
68Saba IdreesMuhammad Idrees*****-****951-68:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
69Muhammad Hassaan ArifMuhammad Arif*****-****228-58:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
70Aqsa AleemMuhammad Aleem*****-****877-28:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
71Sughra SaifQari Saif Ur Rehman*****-****545-68:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
72Muhammad AmjadMuhammad Akhtar*****-****805-98:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
73Hafiz Waqas RaufAbdul Rauf*****-****431-98:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
74Basit AliAhmad Zulqurnane*****-****439-58:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
75Saif UllahGhulam Rasool*****-****681-18:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
76Muhammad Shoaib IshaqIshaq Ahmed*****-****480-18:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
77Asad RahimRahim Bukhsh*****-****393-98:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
78Manan IqbalM Iqbal Shaheen*****-****085-78:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
79Muhammad AbdullahNabi Bakhsh*****-****566-38:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
80Zaheer AkbarAkbar Ali*****-****663-58:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
81Naseer AhmedAbdul Khaliq*****-****184-78:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
82Muhammad Sohail HakeemAbdul Hakeem*****-****144-18:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
83Talha QureshiMasood Qureshi*****-****705-38:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
84Muhammad Adil ShahMuhammad Abdullah Shah*****-****012-18:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
85Altaf AhmedAbdul Karim*****-****146-38:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
86Muhammad JalabShamla Khan*****-****700-38:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
87Muhammad HamidMuhammad Afzal*****-****138-58:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
88Muhammad Inam UllahMehmood Ahmed*****-****240-78:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
89Abdul GhafarAtar Khan*****-****520-18:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
90Tahira MehtabGhulam Hassan*****-****652-68:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
91Ayesha FatimaMuhammad Arif*****-****470-08:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
92Muhammad ShahbazIrshad Hussain*****-****878-78:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
93Muhammad Muzammil SaleemMuhammad Saleem*****-****666-98:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
94Faiza KiranJabbar Ali*****-****881-68:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
95Asma KhalilMohammad Khalil*****-****332-48:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
96Maryam WaheedAbdul Waheed Mughal*****-****726-48:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
97Muhammad Imtiaz AkbarAkbar Ali*****-****491-78:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)
98Samma ShakeelShakeel Ahmed*****-****742-68:30-AMCS Lab 2.15R (ICT Building)