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Entry Test Schedule for 3rd KFGAT

Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan
3rd KFGAT Student List (Admission Entry Test),
Test Date: July 05, 2019
Note: 1. Candidate must bring the paid voucher, original CNIC / B. Form and matric result card on the test date,
                otherwise, you will not be allowed to sit in the test.
           2. Mobile Phone, Calculators or any Gadget is not allowed in the Test Center Premises as per KFUEIT Entry Test rules.
               The candidate may be searched for mobile phone / electronic device and if found it will be confiscated and paper will be cancelled.
Sr. #Student NameFather / Husband NameCNICDate & Reporting TimeVenue (Computer Labs)
1Aniq MustafaRana Farooq Mustafa*****-****452-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
2Hajra RasoolRasool Bakhsh Jaat*****-****427-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
3Sana ShafiqMuhammad Shafiq*****-****640-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
4Iqra ShfiqMuhammad Shafiq*****-****942-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
5Anum RaniShah Muhammad Gujjar*****-****302-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
6Sobia AnwarMuhammad Anwar*****-****577-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
7Nadir Rasheed SarkiRasheed Ahmad Sarki*****-****000-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
8Maleeha KhanShaid Iqbal*****-****832-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
9Muhammad NoumanMuhammad Ishaq*****-****094-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
10Aiman MehmoodHafiz Mehmood Hasan*****-****442-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
11M. Badi Uz Zaman Khan AbbasiMuhammad Uzair Khan Abbasi*****-****726-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
12Ridda MunawarMunawar Hussain*****-****034-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
13Ume HabibaMuhammad Ishaq*****-****734-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
14Muhammad AminMuhammad Jamil*****-****315-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
15Kinza SaeedAbdul Saeed*****-****443-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
16Azka AltafMuhammad Altaf Hussain*****-****714-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
17Iftikhar Ahmed KhanZulfiqar Ahmed Khan*****-****465-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
18Muhammad AhmadMuhammad Abdul Malik*****-****667-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
19Muhammad Zeeshan NoorHaji Noor Muhammad*****-****508-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
20Shaista ShaukatShaukat Ali*****-****761-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
21Maryam IslamAbdulsalam*****-****520-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
22Rabia RehmanAbdul Rehman Mio*****-****187-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
23Bilal AhmadZulfiqar Ali*****-****209-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
24Jahwaruddin Alias ZamiruddinTajuddin*****-****301-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
25Shahbaz Allah DittaAllah Ditta*****-****126-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
26Abid AlamGhulam Hassan*****-****478-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
27Usama ZafarZafar Iqbal*****-****434-705-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
28Ifra ShabbirShabbir Hussain*****-****041-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
29Om ParkashArjan Ram*****-****916-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
30Muhammad Sohail SaleemSaleem Nadeem*****-****379-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
31Ayesha RazzaqAbdul Razzaq*****-****371-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
32Faiza KhanMuhammad Khan*****-****206-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
33Farheen RiazRiaz Ahmed Sabir*****-****888-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
34Javariya HyderHyder Ali*****-****459-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
35Sidra MunirMunir Ahmed*****-****484-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
36Kazia IlyasMuhammad Ilyas*****-****543-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
37Rida AhmedAftab Ahmed*****-****731-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
38Nimra NasirMuhammad Nasir Zahoor*****-****561-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
39Javed IqbalGhulam Qadir*****-****015-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
40Abbas LeghariAbdul Rauf Leghari*****-****070-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
41Muhammad SaifullahHafiz Allah Buksh*****-****384-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
42Shahzad Mehmood HassanGhulam Hassan*****-****433-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
43Tasawar JavedMuhammad Aslam Javed*****-****950-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
44Kashif HayatKhizar Hayat*****-****131-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
45Zahra TariqM. Tariq Mehmood Kanjoo*****-****167-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
46Rashna AftabSaleem Aftab*****-****005-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
47Aiman AjmalMuhammad Ajmal*****-****959-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
48Khalil AhmadRasheed Ahmad*****-****804-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
49Ali GoherMumtaz Hussain*****-****892-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
50Shakra ZafarHafiz Zafar Iqbal*****-****042-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCS Lab
51Muhammad MuaviyahMuhammad Naimat Ullah Zubair*****-****725-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
52Ishaq AhmadGhulam Ali*****-****157-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
53Arfa RasheedAbdul Rasheed*****-****125-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
54Muhammad Asad BashirMuhammad Ashfaq*****-****243-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
55Sumaira RamzanMuhammad Ramzan*****-****551-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
56Muhammad Altaf AhmadManzoor Ahmad*****-****077-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
57Syeda Asfha SaherSyed Jafar Hussain*****-****714-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
58Muhammad Saqib AyazAyaz Ahmed*****-****303-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
59Madiha ShadMian Dilshad Ahmad*****-****896-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
60Rahat RasoolGhulam Rasool*****-****717-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
61Muhammad Naveed AkhtarMuhammad Idrees*****-****716-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
62Shazma RafiqMuhammad Rafiq*****-****050-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
63Maheen RiazRiaz Ahmed*****-****182-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
64Nageen RiazRiaz Ahmed*****-****981-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
65Mehvish NabiGhulam Nabi*****-****821-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
66Fizza AslamMohammad Aslam*****-****739-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
67Azka QaziAbdulhadi*****-****762-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
68Rabia MaqsoodM.Maqsood*****-****452-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
69Fareeha NasimMuhammad Nasim*****-****455-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
70Muhammad AhmadMuhammad Hashim*****-****866-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
71Aiman FatimaMuhammad Akram*****-****365-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
72Iqra Mehmood KhanSultan Mehmood Khan*****-****300-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
73Mukhtar AhmadAbdul Rehman*****-****430-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
74Muhammad IbrahimNoor Muhammad*****-****201-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
75Hassan JavedJaved Iqbal*****-****745-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
76Mukhtar AhmadMuhammad Ramzan*****-****657-705-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
77Arslan MehmoodM Khalid Mehmood Ahmad*****-****779-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
78Imtiaz Ahmad MalikSher Muhammad Malik*****-****379-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
79Bushra SohailMuhammad Hanif*****-****897-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
80Mashal KhanMunawar Hussain Khan*****-****514-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
81Faiza MuqeemMuhammad Muqeem*****-****895-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
82Asia HameedMalik Abdul Hameed*****-****256-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
83Fatima IshfaqMuhammad Ishfaq*****-****237-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
84Hafiza Munnazza LodhiMuddassar Ahmed Khan Lodhi*****-****117-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
85Munaza ShafiqShafiq Ahmad*****-****251-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
86Iqra FaizFaiz Ahmad*****-****373-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
87Faraz KhalilKhalil Ahmad*****-****392-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
88Muhammad BilalBashir Ahmad*****-****699-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
89Farwa FareedGhulam Fareed*****-****181-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
90Tayyaba FizzahHifazat Ali*****-****619-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
91Saira JaveedMuhammad Javeed Shahid*****-****389-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
92Shaheena AzamMuhammad Azam*****-****320-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
93Ahmad AliMuneer Ahmad*****-****667-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
94Khalil AhmadRasheed Ahmad*****-****521-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
95Aliya KouserLall Iqbal*****-****676-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMCivil Building Computer Lab
96Fatima JabbarHaji Abdul Jabbar*****-****898-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
97Tabassum Nadeem SarwarLiaquat Ali*****-****216-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
98Shahida PerveenAbdul Sattar*****-****300-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
99Aqsa QadeerAbdul Qadeer*****-****616-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
100Zahoor Illahi MazariNoor Din Khan*****-****350-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
101Syed Muhammad ZubairSyed Hasnain Shah*****-****975-505-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
102Muhammad Hassan RasheedAbdul Rasheed*****-****989-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
103Khizar AbbasNazar Hussain*****-****058-705-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
104Sadia BashirBashir Ahmad*****-****633-205-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
105Amir ZaffarZaffar Ullah Khan*****-****619-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
106Sana MaqsoodMaqsood Ahmad*****-****427-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
107Sheharyar AkramRana Muhammad Akram*****-****874-705-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
108Soha Javed Soha JavedJaved Iqbal*****-****048-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
109Hira SaeedSaeed Anwar*****-****982-805-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
110Bushra IqbalMuhammad Iqbal*****-****898-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
111Muhammad OmairMuhammad Umar*****-****530-105-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
112Fizza MazharMuhammad Mazhar*****-****977-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
113Nawal ManzoorManzoor Ahmad Khan.*****-****570-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
114Muhammad Danish MunirMuhammad Munir Pervaiz*****-****856-305-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
115Asad SaleemMuhammad Saleem*****-****661-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
116Muhammad Ayaz KhakharAllah Dad*****-****891-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
117Arshad AliShah Nawaz Khan*****-****091-705-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
118Tariq Mehmood ChoudharyMuhammad Yaqoob*****-****932-705-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
119Safoora ShabbirGhulam Shabbir Sajid*****-****344-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
120Summeya FatimaMuhammad Shafi*****-****325-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
121Sana MunirMunir Ahmad*****-****626-405-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
122Saria AneesAnees Ul Haq*****-****623-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
123Muhammad UsmanAbdul Hayee Sahar*****-****627-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
124Muhammad Tayyab QadirGhulam Quaider*****-****180-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
125Muhammad FarhanMuhammad Saleem*****-****690-705-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
126Iram RafiqRafiq Ahmad*****-****618-005-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
127Mehwish AttaAtta Muhammad*****-****851-605-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
128Irfan AfzalMuhammad Afzal*****-****581-905-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab
129Muhammad AmirRasool Bakhsh*****-****019-705-07-2019, 04:30 PMIT Lab