Project exhibition by electrical engineering department encasing the subject matter of “micro-processor systems”, “semi-conductor devices” & “ power transmission, distribution and utilization” was held in Khwaja fareed university Rahim yar khan. The worthy vice chancellor, departmental
hears, respected faculty and students visited the exhibition and took active interest in the displayed projects.  The projects were part of the courses being taught at KFUEIT, the style of projects ranged from practical physical builds to survey and analysis of existing/planned systems

Projects exhibited are listed below    

Data logger using SD card

 4x4x4 Three dimension LEDs array

Simple arduino based calculator Water Level Detector

Proximity sensor based automatic door

Street lights with motion and light sensors

Temperature and light intensity sensors Touch Sensor

Door Alarm using LDR

Seven segments display based clock using arduino

LED Dot matrix display Motion Sensor

Sound sensor using microphone

Door Alarm using PIR sensor

Street Light Controller Using LDR Fire Alarm

 H-Bridge Motor Control

Parking alarm using proximity sensor

Temperature Sensor Portable Mobile Charger

Sine wave Amplifier