Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

To become a world-class university that contributes significantly to the development of regional economy and uplift of local community by becoming a power house of intellectual and human capital generation.

Our Mission

To offer an educational experience wherein:

  • The curriculum and its delivery conform to international standards
  • The students are provided an environment for wholesome development of their personality and creative potential
  • The graduates produced are most sought after by prospective employers

To conduct research to solve local and national problems requiring knowledge based solutions.

Goals & Objectives

Establish 30 world-class undergraduate degree programs in six domains of Sciences
& Mathematics, Engineering, Information & Communication Technology, Life Sciences
& Healthcare, Management, Social & Legal Sciences, Humanities & Arts.

Conduct research in inter-disciplinary areas of local and national need to produce intellectual capital (knowledge, solutions, Intellectual Property (IP)) and human capital (PhDs):

  • Applied & Open Source Information Technology (Education, Health and Agriculture)
  • Embedded Systems (Next Generation Smartphones, Tablets, Security Cameras, Home Automation Systems, Building Controls Systems, Factory & Production Line Automation for Agri-based Industries, Electric Vehicles Control Systems)
  • Biotechnology (better crops and fruit varieties)
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Water Resource Engineering / Management
  • Environmental Science / Engineering
  • Renewable Energy (Biomass, Solar PV, Wind and others)
  • Information Security (Information Assurance, Cyber Warfare, Digital Forensics)
  • Materials Engineering (Solid Electrolytes, Organic Photovoltaics, Nano-materials)
  • Power Storage, Conversion & Management
  • Heritage Studies
  • Engineering Management, Healthcare Management and Supply Chain Management

Our Core Values

At Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan we have chosen a set of core values which fully embody our vision and mission. These core values permeate all our activities and form a benchmark to judge our efforts against. These core values are the qualities that we want to maximize in our students, faculty and staff. Furthermore, we believe that these core values will allow us to transform our society into an advance one. Our core values are based on our acronym so that they become easy for us to remember.

A look at the shades of meaning conveyed by these core values will help us understand fully the impactthat we intend these core values to have on ourstudents, faculty and staff:

core values