Time Table and Teaching Aid

Asmara Habib
Manager Time Table & Teaching Aid
  • Tel / Ext. : +92 (68) 588 2461

  • Email: asmara.habib@kfueit.edu.pk

The Time Tabling & Teaching Aids (TT&TA) Department is one of the core departments of University. TT & TA deals with formulation and implementation of time table of all departments of KFUEIT. Provision of all teaching aids (i.e. multimedia, speakers, white board markers & teaching rooms) is also responsibility of TT & TA department.

The core activities of the department are:

  • Preparation of time table
  • Implementation and communication of time table to all departments and students
  • Monitoring of classes and arranging make up classes
  • Generation & Submission of weekly time table report to the competent authority
  • Booking and provision of teaching rooms and auditorium for lectures, seminars, conferences, public lectures, educational meetings and any other related activity.