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Students Societies / Clubs Regulations

Short Title

These regulations shall be called the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology (KFUEIT), Rahim Yar Khan Student Societies / CLUBS Regulations 2019.


These regulations shall come into force at once on approval by the Vice Chancellor.


These regulations govern the Creation and Operation of Student Societies and Clubs at the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology (KFUEIT), Rahim Yar Khan.


Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the academic and social life of students. Such activities admittedly invigorate a healthy relationship among the students and develop a sense of co-ordination in the living-learning processes of the students, faculty and administration. These activities are vital for the physical, social and psychological growth of students. Since the Student Affairs Department provides proactive support and capacity building services to promote co-curricular activities in the University which could enrich our graduates at every stage of their life as well as to help them build strong relationships with their peers, faculty, administration and other stakeholders with the following aims and objectives:

  • to enhance the creative potential of the students
  • to expose the hidden talents of the students
  • to induce and stir a sense of love, altruism and service to the humanity in the students
  • to prepare the students to face the challenges of practical life
  • to inculcate in students the spirit of healthy competition
  • to prepare the students for future challenges in the global context
  • to keep the students away from unwanted/undesirable associations/activities
  • to promote teamwork among the students
  • to give them a sense of responsibility and ownership
  • to inculcate leadership potential in students

Therefore, for the smooth functioning of the student societies/clubs, their formations, functioning, responsibilities needs proper Regulations, which are provided in the following.

Student Society Organizational Structure

Each student society/club will consist of a faculty member as its mentor and students as members. Member students will elect a cabinet composed of the following members:

  • President (must be a student)
  • Vice President (one each from male and female students)
  • General Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary (one each from male and female students)
  • Secretary for Finance
  • Secretary for Media and Public Relations
  • Five members

Members of the cabinet shall be elected from amongst the members of the Student Society/Club for a period of one academic year.

For the purpose of the elections the Advisor/Mentor shall act as the election commissioner. However if required and after the approval of Competent Authority, a society may have its own constitution setting out the aims and positions of office bearers.

Responsibilities of The Cabinet Members

The Advisor/Mentor

Each Society/Club would be headed by an Advisor/Mentor who would be a faculty member.

The President

The President of a society would be responsible to look after the business of his/her society. S/he would be responsible to his/her Advisor/Mentor and chalk out activities in compliance with the academic calendar/schedule.

The Vice President

The Vice President would act as President in the absence of the President of a student society/ club, on the recommendation of the concerned Advisor/Mentor.

The General Secretary

The General Secretary would keep a proper record of all activities, attendance of the cabinet and general members, minutes of the meetings etc. The General Secretary of a Society would submit a copy of attendance to the Directorate of Student Affairs after each meeting. All record must be properly submitted to the Directorate of Student Affairs on the completion of the term of the cabinet or earlier.

The Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary would perform duties as General Secretary in the absence of the General Secretary on the recommendation of the concerned Advisor/Mentor.

The Secretary For Finance

The Secretary for Finance would be responsible for financial matters of a society and prepare a case in advance for approval for any activity. He would also be responsible for the adjustment of the amount within a week after holding of event and submit the case to the Directorate of Student Affairs through the Advisor/Mentor of the concerned society/club.

The Secretary For Media and Public Relations

The Secretary for Media and Public Relations of each society would coordinate with Public Relation Officer (PRO) of Central Organizing Committee. He would send an advance press release/report to PRO for onward submission to the concerned quarters. He would keep a proper record of reports, press cuttings etc. related to students’ activities and send a copy of the report to the Directorate of Student Affairs. He would also be responsible for submission of report of bi-annual activities of his/her society to the Directorate of Student Affairs through the Advisor/Mentor. Any media/press release must be approved by the concerned authority before it is issued.

The Secretary for Media and Public Relations would be responsible for designing, printing and distribution of invitation cards of the activities/ceremonies held. They have to maintain a list and contact numbers of the invitees, Faculty Members, Administrative Heads and key persons in Public and Private sectors. They would chalk out the program of their society in advance in consultation with the Advisor/Mentor and Cabinet Members. List of invites however, to be finalized/ approved by the Competent Authority.

Procedure For The Formation of Society/Club

Following procedure shall be used for the formation of a student society/club:

  • Dully filled application form must be submitted to the Directorate of Student Affairs.
  • Directorate of Student Affairs will evaluate/review the form with respect to following conditions: a. KFUEIT Code of Conduct. b. Eligibility requirements. c. General Guidelines/University Policy. d. Need of the Society/Club.
  • Evaluated form will be forwarded to the Worthy Vice Chancellor for final decision.

Eligibility Requirement to Become Memebr of The Society/Club

  • Only those students who qualify their first semester in the University would be eligible for any cabinet position/member.
  • CGPA must be greater/equals to 2.5
  • Must adhere to University (KFUEIT) Code of Conduct.

General Instruction/Guidelines

  • The Vice Chancellor will have the authority to cancel/suspend membership of any Advisor/cabinet member or Society/Club on the recommendation of Chairman Committee of SECASSC / DSA.
  • The whole cabinet would work collectively as a single body for a society.
  • The cabinet members would perform their duties for one academic year or till the appointment of a new cabinet.
  • No student can enjoy membership of two or more cabinets/societies/clubs or keep two positions of the same society at the same time.
  • Any member of the cabinet can be removed by the Directorate of Student Affairs on request of the concerned Advisor/Mentor on account of misbehavior, such as using un-parliamentary language or violation of the rules etc.
  • Each society/club would be allowed to arrange for correspondence/linkages with similar nature of societies/clubs at other similar type of organizations/institutions.
  • Based on previous performance of the members of societies/clubs, the Organizers would recommend a panel of at least three students for each cabinet position with acceptable standards or adopt any other procedure approved by the Competent Au-thority from time to time.
  • The primary duty of an Advisor/Mentor would be to organize, supervise and look af-ter the concerned society/club.
  • After the announcement of the new cabinet of the concerned society, the Advi-sor/ Mentor would distribute membership forms among the students and would col-lect the forms, duly filled, within a week and allot membership number to each stu-dent and collect an oath from students not to involve in any political activities.
  • The Advisor/Mentor would propose a panel of at least three students (who have qualified first semester with acceptable standards) to the Directorate of Student Af-fairs for each of cabinet positions.
  • At the outset of an academic year, Advisor/Mentor would chalk out activities to be held on specific days.
  • Meeting of the Cabinet/Society can be called only on designated days in order to avoid any disturbance in the curricular activities.
  • The Advisor/Mentor would be responsible to organize two major events during one academic year.
  • The Advisor/Mentor would keep a proper record of the activities of the society concerned.
  • The Advisor/Mentor would seek prior approval from the Directorate of Student Af-fairs to advance money for any approved activity. Case for adjustment of the ad-vance drawn would be submitted to the concerned office within a week after the event is held.
  • Regular reporting of any activity to the Directorate of Student Affairs would be the responsibility of the Advisor/Mentor.
  • The Advisor/Mentor, through Secretary for Media and Public Relations, would send press release/report to Public Relation Officer before it is issued.
  • Any member of the society/club who does not attend two consecutive official meet-ings without any valid reason would be relieved from his/her office/duties i.e. the Office of Advisor/Mentor.
  • The Advisor/Mentor once appointed will remain in office for one academic year or till the appointment of a new Advisor/Mentor, whichever is earlier. However, s/he can submit his/ her resignation on one-month notice.
  • For any major event Advisor/Mentor and Cabinet Members would shoulder the re-sponsibility collectively.
  • Prior approval for organizing an event along with its budget would be necessary from the Competent Authority.
  • The Advisor/Mentor would pinpoint the talented students, keep a record and furnish their information to the Directorate of Student Affairs. S/he would motivate talented students and keep them busy in healthy and constructive activities which are the main purpose of running the Societies.
  • The Advisor/Mentor on the termination of each tenure would recommend the names of deserving cabinet members or general members for awarding certificates, subject to fulfillment of the condition of attendance, active participation, excellent perfor-mance and meritorious services.
  • The Advisor/Mentor would be responsible for security measures in consultation with the Administrative Officer.
  • The performance of an Advisor/Mentor would be judged on the basis of his/her de-votion and good behavior, excellence in planning, organizing and efficiently admin-istering multiple activities, motivating students for membership, order and discipline, punctuality in meetings and functions of his/her society.
  • The Advisor/Mentor would be responsible for security measures in consultation with the Administrative Officer.


If any question arises regarding the interpretation of these regulations the matter shall be deliberated by the University administration consisting of Head of the Department, Director Student Affairs, Registrar, Deans and Vice Chancellor and their decision thereon shall be final.

Removal of Difficulties

If any difficulty arises in giving effect to any of the provisions of these Regulations, the Vice Chancellor in individual cases may make such decision, not inconsistent with the spirit of these Regulations, as may appear to necessary for the purpose of removing the difficulty, provided that such a decision is not ultra vires of the Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan Act 2014.