List of Degree Programs

1BS PhysicsPhysics Department
2Associate Degree in Science (Physics) 
3Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Management Science Department
4BS Accounting and Finance 
5BS Public Administration 
6BS Economics 
7ADP Business Administration 
8ADP Accounting and Finance 
9ADP Public Administration 
10ADP Economics 
11 BS EducationHumanities and Social Sciences
12 BS Political Science Curriculum 2021 
13BS English 
14BS Islamic Studies 
15BS Urdu 
16BS Physical Education 
17 ADP English 
18 ADP Islamic Studies 
19 ADP Pak Studies 2021 
20 ADP URDU 2021 
21 ADP-Physical Education 
22BS Computer ScienceComputer Science
23ADP Computer Science 
24ADP Web Design & Development 
25BS ZoologyLife Science
26BS Botany 
27ADS (Zoology,Botany,Chemistry)  
28BS ChemistryChemistry
29ADP Chemistry 
30BS MathematicsMathematics
31ADS Mathematics 
32BS Statistics 
33BS BiotechnologyBio Science
34BS Biochemistry 
35BS Bioinformatics 
36BS Microbiology

Note: MSc Physics and Chemistry will be offered if HEC allows.