Fee Schedule for Affiliation

Sr. No.ParticularsFor Private Colleges / InstitutionsFor Govt. Colleges / Institutions
1Application Processing Fee (Non-refundable)Rs.50,000Rs.25,000
2Security Fee (Refundable) once per collegeRs.300,000Rs.100,000
3Affiliation Fee for 1st time and renewal fee per annum (Within Division)Rs.50,000Rs.30,000
4Affiliation Fee for 1st time and renewal fee per annum (Outside Division)Rs.80,000Rs.50,000
5Inspection Committee Visit Charges/visit (Within Division)Rs.20,000Rs.10,000
6Inspection Committee Visit Charges/visit (Outside Division)Rs.40,000Rs.20,000
7Registration fee per student at the time of admission onlyRs.5,000Rs.2,000
8Examination Fee /Student/semesterRs.4,000Rs.4,000
9Sports Fee/ Student per yearRs.200Rs.200
Note: All kind of fees are liable for fine in case of late submission. After due date @ 10% within 15 days. @20% within 30 days. And it will be applicable from Spring 2021.