DSA Societies

Academic Calendar(2021-2022)for 1st Semester of ADP, BS and MA/Msc Programs

Sr. No.Societies NameAdvisorEmail
1KFUEIT Research, Innovation and Technology SocietyDr. Adnan
2KFUEIT Character Building SocietyMr. Majid
3KFUEIT Biodiversity SocietyDr. Amara
4KFUEIT Dash Society (Differently Abled Self Help)Mr. Mohammad
5KFUEIT Fareedian legal forum/societyMr.Yasir
6KFUEIT Professional Youth TribuneMr. Muhammad
7KFUEIT CSS ClubMr. Waheed
8KFUEIT Clean and Green SocietyDr. Habib
9KFUEIT Law Moot SocietyMr. Yasir
10KFUEIT Ethics and Tolerance SocietyMr. Majid
11KFUEIT Culture and Virsa SocietyMr. Muhammad
12KFUEIT Debates & Writers SocietyAnwar
13KFUEIT Health and Wellness SocietyMr. Ahmad
14KFUEIT Blood Donor SocietyMr. Ahmad
15KFUEIT Dramatic SocietyMiss. Noor
16KFUEIT Adventure ClubMr. Arslan
17Social & Environmental Justice SocietyDr. Samina
18Natural Resources Defense CouncilDr. Abdul
19KFUEIT sustainability SocietyDr. Abid
20Conservation & Reforestation SocietyMr. QurbanNill
21Nature Conservancy of WaterDr. Tausif
22Energy and Climate Justice SocietyDr. Muhammad Safdar SamiNill
23Ecological Agriculture SocietyDr. Saqlain
24Sustainable Harvest International SocietyDr. Rana
25Ethics and Peace for Sustainable EnvironmentDr. Samina
26KFUEIT Islamic Guidance ClubDr. Mazhar HussainNill
27Baran-e-Adab Literary SocietyDr. Naeem Ullah AnmolNill
28Energy and Climate Justice SocietyDr. Muhammad
29Promoting sustainable quality Education SocietyProf. Dr. Shahzad
30Freedian Physics SocietyMr. Mudassar
31Faroog Fun o Adab SocietyMr. Anwar
32Physicists Youth CouncilDr. Muhammad Bilal
33Physical Sciences and Engineering SocietyDr. Muhammad
1- The University observes federal gazette holidays.
2. Islamic Holidays are subject to the sighting of moon.
3. Contact Hours for whole semester will be completed by taking makeup classes within semester