Admission Quotas/Reserved Seats

Sr. No.Type of Reserved Seat(s)/Quota(s)Description / EligibilityNo. of Reserved Seat(s)
1Advocates / Lawyers Children 
  • 5% Quota for the children of Advocates / Lawyers in Law Degree Programs.
5% in Law Degree Programs
  • Balochistan residents
  • The applicant must have domicile of Balochistan
1 seat in each Program
3Martyred / On-duty Disabled Military/Police, and KFUEIT Deceased/ Disabled
  • The children of martyrs/on-duty disabled Army/Police personnel are eligible.
  • OR
  • The children of KFUEIT employee(s) deceased/disabled during service are eligible.
  • The certificate of martyrdom or on-duty disability from the relevant Govt department (if applicable) must be provided.
  • The disability must lead to early retirement/termination of the job, for this quota to be applicable.
  • A death certificate (if applicable) must be provided.
  • Proof of employment must be provided.
  •  KFUIEIT employees having Regular / Contract awarded after Selection Process service are eligible for this quota. 
  • Step-children are not eligible.
1 Seat in Each Program
4KFUEIT Employees
  • Children/spouse(s)/self/siblings i.e. brothers or sisters (excluding step siblings) of the KFUEIT Employees, serving or retired or contract completed or resigned (excluding deputation/part-time/daily wages / visiting employees) are eligible to apply as follows:
  • Second Preference will be given to Employees (Regular/Contract awarded after Selection Process/Ad-hoc) having a continuous minimum service of 3 years.
  • The Partial year will not be considered as the whole year
4% Seat(s) in each program

Overseas Pakistani Quota

  • Children of Overseas Pakistani are eligible to apply
  • The parent(s) of the applicant must have a stay of more than 1x year in any foreign country
  • The proof of stay and employment in foreign country must be provided.
  • Step-children are not eligible.
  • The partial year will not be considered as the whole year
1 Seat in Each Program
6Foreign Students Quota
  • The applicant must hold foreign nationality.
  • The applicant(s) holding multiple nationalities can apply on the basis of the nationality of their choice
1 Seat in Each Program
7Minority Quota (Religious)
  • All non-Muslim are eligible to apply
  • The applicant must provide proof of being a non-Muslim.
1 Seat in Each Program
8Erstwhile-FATA Quota
  • Erstwhile-FATA residents
  • The applicant must have domicile of Erstwhile-FATA
1 seat in each Program
9Gilgit Baltistan & Azad Kashmir
  • Gilgit Baltistan & Azad Kashmir residents
  • The applicant must have domicile of Gilgit Baltistan & Azad Kashmir
1 seat in each Program
10Sports Quota
  • Excellent players will be encouraged to take part in the pre-admission selection trails.
  •  Inter Board, Inter-University, and National Level players may be eligible to appear for trails.
  • Gold Medalist players may be preferred for admission.
  • The Selected applicants for the trail may provide pre-required documents, duly stamped by the sports office.
1 seat in each Program
11Disabled Quota
  • For eligibility criteria, HEC Policy for Students with a disability will be followed.
  • The student will be required to provide attested copies of the disability certificate issued for persons with disabilities from the National/Provincial Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons or a CNIC with disability logo.
1 seat in each Program


Note:    For Engineering Degree Programs, a DAE holder applicant is not eligible for any/all quotas except DAE quota.