Self-Assessment Mechanism

Self Assessment Mechanism

Self Assessment Mechanism is adopted as instructed by the QAA in accordance with the QAA Self Assessment Manual. A Program Team (consisting of three to four faculty members) for each teaching department has been formulated. The responsibility of the PTs is to compile Self Assessment Report for each degree program and submit it to Quality Enhancement Cell.

In the initial phase of the compilation of Self Assessment Report, the following departments were selected as Model Departments:

  • 1. Department of Electrical Engineering
  • 2. Department of Information Technology
  • 3. Department of Computer Science for BSCS
  • 4. Department of Mechanical Engineering

The above departments have completed their SARs and Exit meetings of Electrical and Computer Science department have been conducted. These departments are working on its compliance report. Now the Program Teams of Following departments have been formed and regular training programs are being conducted by QEC.

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Management Sciences

Program Teams

Department of Electrical Engineering

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Engr. Dr. Muhammad RiazAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Dr. Syed Muhammad Zafar IqbalAssistant ProfessorMemeber
3Maira AlviLab EngineerMemeber

Department of Mechanical Engineering

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Dr. Muhammad Ijaz KhanAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Mr. Ghais Mehmood KhanAssistant ProfessorMemeber
3Engr. Syed Saad FarooqLecturerMemeber
4Engr. Haseeb YaqoobLecturerMemeber

Department of Civil Engineering

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Eng. Majid HussainAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Mr. Waqar AhmadAssistant ProfessorMemeber
3Eng. Mansour ElahiAssistant ProfessorMemeber

Department of Computer Engineering

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Eng. Dr. Naeem MaroofAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Eng. Muhammad KamranLecturerMemeber
3Eng. Sidra ShabbirLecturerMember/Secretary

Department of Management Sciences

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Dr. Muhammad AbdullahAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Dr. Abid Hussain NadeemAssistant ProfessorMemeber
3Syed Farjad Ali BukhariLecturerMember

Department of Physics (For BS & MSc)

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Dr. Muhammad Aslam KhanAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Dr. Naseeb AhmadAssistant ProfessorMemeber
3Dr. Ghulam Hasnain TariqLecturerMember/Secretary
4Ms. Tehreem ManzoorLecturerMember
5Mr. Muhammad AlamgirLecturerMember

Department of Chemistry

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Dr. Jallat KhanAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Dr. Munawar SaeedAssistant ProfessorMemeber
3Dr. Bakhat AliLecturerMember

Department of Mathematics

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Dr. Abdul Rauf KhanAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Dr. Muhammad AzamAssistant ProfessorMemeber
3Mr. Haq NawazTeaching AssistantMember

Department of Computer Science

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Mr. Saqib UbaidLecturerConvener
2Ms. Madiha RehmanLecturerMemeber
3Ms. Musarat KareemLecturerMember

Department of Computer Science (For MCS)

SR NoNameDesignationRole
1Dr. Arif MehmoodAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Mr. Shahzad HussainLecturerMemeber
3Ms. Bushra MughalLecturerMember
4Ms. Tohide AnwarOffice AssistantMember