Our Teacher's Vision

Faculty comprises of research focuses on areas such as new material, information Technology & Communications, manufacturing technologies, and energy systems etc. Apart from this, collaboration in research work with external partners ensuring the application of results go beyond our laboratories. Our success is predicated on the success of our graduates and we enjoy a strong support from the academic community. Our cordial gratitude goes to those who have made donations to the faculty of Engineering. Together we can build up on the past successes to design innovative programs ideally suited to the future demands in Pakistan. To learn more about our faculty and programs, you can explore web pages asking questions of many contacts, we always welcome to share our passion for excellence in Engineering and IT’s.

Vice Chancellor


Prof. Dr Nazir Ahmad Zafar

Department of Electrical Engineering

Engr. Fazal-ur-Rehman
Engr. Dr. Attaullah Buriro
Dr. Syed Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
Engr. Dr. Muhammad Irfan
Engr. Dr. Waqas Tariq Toor
Engr. Dr. Muhammad Riaz
Engr. Taqi Rahim
Engr. Asad Saeed
Engr. Maira Alvi
Engr. Wasim Mukhtar
Engr. Ali Arslan
Engr. Muhammad Bilal
Engr. M Armughan Shakeel
Engr. Arslan Hassan

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Engr. Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed Lohar
Dr.-Ing. Muhammad Ijaz Khan
Engr. Dr. Muhammad Umer Farooq
Engr. Ghias Mahmood Khan
Dr.Sana Ullah
Engr. Dr. Mubashir Gulzar
Engr. Waqas Tahir
Engr. Muhammad Umar
Engr. Adnan Rasheed

Department of Computer Engineering

Engr. Ahmed Sohaib
Engr. Dr. Saqib Ali Khan
Engr. Dr. Hamza Ahmad Madni
Engr. Dr. Naeem Maroof
Engr. Sidrah Shabbir
Engr. Zainab Saleem
Mr. Hamail Ayaz

Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Syed Iftikhar Ahmed
Engr. Waqar Ahmad
Engr. Majid Hussain
Engr. Mansour Elahi
Engr. Umer Shahzad

Department of Computer Science

Dr. Saleem ullah
Dr.Muhammad Abubakar Siddique
Musarat Karim
Madiha Rehman
Maqsood Ahmad
Abdul Sattar
Muhammad Ahsan
Saqib Ubaid
Mr. Muizzud-din
Naila Aslam
Sameen Fatima

Department of Information Technology

Dr. Saleem ullah
Dr. Arif Mehmood
Fehmida Usmani
Muhammad Rizwan
Humaira Anwer

Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

Dr. Muhammad Hashim
Dr. Munawar  Hussain
Dr. Jallat Khan
Dr. Farrukh Jaleel
Dr Shazia Kousar
Dr. Zaheer Ahmad
Dr. Abdul Shakoor
Dr. Nadeem Salamat
Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan
Dr. Abdul Rauf Khan
Dr. Muhammad Imran Irshad
Dr. Bakhat Ali
Dr. Muhammad Naveed
Dr. Aftab Hussain
Dr. Madiha Irfan
Dr. Muhammad Khalid
Dr. Saghir Hussain
Dr. Naseeb Ahmad
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah
Dr. Ghulam Hasnain Tariq
Dr. Fozia Tabasum Minhas
Dr. Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman Khan
Dr. Rifat Jawaria
Munawar Saeed Qureshi
Dr. Muntazim Abbas Hashmi
Dr. Umber Rana
Dr. Muhammad Shahid Habib
Dr. Muhammad Saleem
Muhammad Yasir
Ms. Asma Abdul Aziz

Department of Management & Social Sciences

 Dr. Muhammad Nazim
Dr. Abid Hussain Nadeem
Dr. Amjad Masood
Dr. Imdad Ullah
Dr. Muhammad Umer Farooq
Dr. Muhammad Abdullah
Dr. Sidra Ghazanfar