General Rules/Instructions:

  1. No personal belongings is allowed in to the library. A special rack is available outside the library to keep such things.
  2. The library staff will not be responsible for the precious things kept in the handbags, brief cases etc.
  3. Readers are allowed to select books from the stack. However, they are requested not to disturb arrangement of  books in shelves.
  4. Books once removed from the shelves must be placed at the nearest table or counter.
  5. The reader while in library shall not receive any telephone call.
  6. Eating, Sleeping, Drinking, Laughing, Clapping, Smoking and Playing games Chatting etc. are strictly prohibited in the library.
  7. Musical instrument are not allowed in the library.
  8. Silence must be observed in the library.
  9. Books, Periodicals and Newspapers are not to be marked with ink or pencil.
  10. Tearing out of pages or damaging the reading material in any way is strictly prohibited.
  11. Students are not allowed to visit the library without University Identity Cards or Library cards.
  12. Any misbehavior, discourtesy or unwillingness to provide services by the library staff shall be reported to the librarian/President Library Committee.
  13. A student / member, who infringes rules, shall be liable to disciplinary action.
  14. In Case of violation or repeat ion   the violator would be fined that could be Rs:( 500/=  -  5000/=) as per the description  by In charge Library.