• The membership of the library is only for students and employees of the University, which is granted on Issuance of library membership card.

  • A membership card will be issued to the member of the library. It is essential to bring membership card for borrowing books. Please make sure that the membership card is kept securely. The member will be responsible for any book borrowed on his/her membership card. Or membership no.

  • Membership card is non-transferable.

  • Change of address / telephone no, or loss of membership card must be reported to the Library In charge/Library Staff immediately.

  • University card of student / employees is also membership card of Library.

Issue of books (Authorization)

 The following categories of members shall observe the loan schedule mentioned against each.

Designation # Books Days
Vice Chancellor 15 Books for 180
Head of Departments 10 Books for 150
Prof, /Asso, /Assistant Professor 08 Books for 120
Teacher Assistants/Lab In charge 05 Books for 120
Visiting Faculty 04 Books for 60
Non Faculty Members / Staff 02 Books for 30
Students 02 Books for 14
  • Reference books, newspapers and periodicals can only be used in the library.

  • If any borrowed book is urgently required in the library, it may be called back by the Librarian.

  • Librarian may with hold or restrict the circulation of any book in the library for specific purpose.

  • Books will not be reissued on telephone or E-mail.

 Over Due Fine

  •  Rupees Five (Rs. 5/-) per day per book will be charged as overdue fine not returned within prescribed period.

  • If fine is not deposited within seven days the membership will be canceled and fine will be deducted from University security of the member

 Book Loss

  • Borrowers are responsible for the safe return of all the borrowed material to the library at the proper time.

  • If the book is lost, damaged or destroyed, a replacement of the book or a fine, which may be up to four times of the actual cost of the book, will be deposited in the University Bank Account.

  • In case a book which is a part of a set is lost or damaged, the borrower will have to replace the full set or pay fine thereof as determined by librarian.

  • Borrowers are advised to check the books at the time of issue and in case of any defect / damage inform  library staff.


  • A book required by a member, which is already issued, may be reserved.

Library Clearance

  • The student, staff or faculty member leaving the university permanently or proceeding on long leave will get clearance certificate from the library. His/her final settlement of account shall be made by the accounts office on the receipt of clearance certificate from the library.
  • The visiting faculty will get clearance certificate form the library at the end of every semester. Their honorarium of last month of a semester will be released by the accounts office on receipt of clearance certificate from the library.

Acquisition of Library Material

Following procedure will be adopted for the purchase of library material.

  • The material will be selected in following way.
    1. Circulation of book lists and catalog among the faculty
    2. Demand from the faculty on prescribed form duly signed by the Head of the Department.
    3. To acquire balanced and latest collection of books, different booksellers may be asked to send the fresh arrivals on approval. The books selected by the faculty will be kept in the library and rejected books will be sent to the bookseller.
    4. If bulk purchase is needed, the library can arrange a book fair by inviting different booksellers to exhibit their books for selection. 
  • The faculty or the course coordinators are required to send the lists of new text and reference books duly approved by the head of respective department at least 03 months before the commencement of a semester.
  • If a list of required books catalog is sent to the library by HOD, Library after approval of the President Library Committee,  will prepare list of selected books and  get approval of Vice Chancellor for purchase. After formal approval the purchase order will be placed subject to the availability of funds.
  • In addition to above men