Important Dates (Admissions Closing)

Undergraduate Program

18th September, 2018

Graduate Program

20th August, 2018

The closing date to apply for Undergraduate and Graduate programs are 18th September 2018 and 20th August 2018 respectively.

2nd KFGAT and KFAT Test

Last Date to Apply for 2nd KFGAT (Graduate Program)

Test Date

11th August, 2018

18th August, 2018

Last Date to Apply for 2nd KFAT (Undergraduate Program)

17th August, 2018

Note: KFAT and KFGAT are internal entry test of KFUEIT

For Entry Test Help / Inquiry Contact: 068 588 2472 / 0303 0300 666

You will get the notification related to your entry test schedule by SMS/Email and Website